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Curriculum Philosophy


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Curriculum Philosophy

  • We will use Te Whaariki-He Whaariki Maatauranga mee ngaa Mokopuna o Aotearoa as our curriculum to assist and encourage children to develop their cognitive, emotional, social, physical and language skills at their own pace.

  • We will implement the Quality in Action/Te Mahi Whai Hua and maintain the principles of the Desirable Objectives and Principles (DOPs).

  • We will encourage and model positive behaviour. From this, children will learn to respect themselves and others. They will be free to express themselves within consistent limits.

  • We believe in giving the children the tools to enable them to resolve conflict themselves in order to encourage a positive self image and independence.

  • We will encourage and facilitate caregiver involvement and support parents by working with them to develop a programme which reflects children's individual needs and the changes happening in their lives.

  • We value children's play as a way of providing meaningful learning experiences and acknowledge that children learn best through play.

  • We will foster holistic development through a balance of routines and freedom to choose.

  • We will develop an appreciation and respect for the natural environment and promote ideals and the practical tools necessary for sustainable living by encouraging reduction, reuse and recycling.

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